How To Setup Maven On Your Netbeans (Windows)

On maven site, there are sentence that say “NetBeans includes full Maven support since 6.7, including Maven 3 support in 7.0+. You can open any Maven project in the IDE and start coding immediately”. But maybe some of you has same problem like mine which is can not build the maven project.

Here is what I did to setup maven on my netbeans:

  1. Open your user folder -> .m2. Example for mine is C:\Users\ariestania\.m2. Then make sure there are settings.xml file on that folder. If settings file does not exist, just copy from netbeansfolder\java\maven\conf.
  2. Check your internet settings. If you use proxy, then setup on both settings.xml file like this.
  3. If you still failed to build the project, then add variables that needed by maven . The variable depend on maven version that you use. Follow instruction on maven site on windows section.

Hope this simple article can help 🙂