How To Set Default Selection for f:selectItem within h:selectOneMenu

Sometimes we want to set default value for our combo box in the page. On HTML we only need to add attribute “selected” on the options of <select> element that we choose to be the default. But will be different on JSF since we can not add “selected” attribute to the option that generated by the bean objects. Here is my colleague do for this case and might be useful for you and me in the future:

<h:selectOneMenu id="myFormOptions" value="#{myBean.dudu}">
	<!-- make the default using selectItem tag -->                             
	<f:selectItem itemLabel="Default Value" itemValue="theDefaultVal" />
	<!-- this are the other options -->
	<f:selectItems value="#{myBean.lulu}" />

Put the default value into selectItem tag and the other options on selectItems tag just like above code. Hope this can be help 🙂

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