How To Parse TLV Message ISO8583 (EMV data) Using JPOS 2.x

Usually if you work with smart card, you will need to find data of some EMV tags. Since EMV has TLV message type, we need to parse the message to get the actual data. Here is one method that you can use.

public void printData(ISOMsg isoMsg){
	//EMV data on DE55
	if (iSOMsg.hasField(55)) {
		TLVList tlvData = new TLVList();
		for (TLVMsg tLVMsg : tlvData.getTags()) {
			System.out.println("EMVtag : " + Integer.toHexString(tLVMsg.getTag()));
			System.out.println("Value on String Type : " + ISOUtil.hexString(tLVMsg.getValue()));

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