How to Read ISO8583 Message

I assume that you already read the basic information about ISO8583. You can go to wikipedia for reference if you confused while reading my post here.

Here is ISO8583 sample message:

0200723A4001084180021666666612345678905610000000010010000327110332000981180332032703286011040014000980      000000000012123036123456     000012345678900000100000028000288

what is the content actually?

Here is the step:

  1. 0200 >>This is MTI. It means the message use ISO8583 with 1987 version and the process is Acquirer Financial Request.
  2. 723A400108418002 >> This is Bitmap. It will indicates which other data elements or data element subfields may be present elsewhere in a message. The step are:
    • Take first Bitmap number. Then make it into hexa. In this example 7 will become 0111. The 0 of that hexa means that there is no bit65 present in this message. So we only need to take 16 part of the message. (16*4=64bit)
    • Change all that 16 character to hexa. The 1 means the bit message are present. On this sample the message that present are on bit 2,3,4,7,11,12,13,15,18,32,37,42,48,49,63.
  3. The rest of message are data element which is contain the transaction information. Continue reading “How to Read ISO8583 Message”

Important Things You Need to Remember About Thread in Java


  • There are 2 ways to create thread. By implements Runnable or extends Thread class. Then, override run method.
  • To make a move of thread, just call thread.start() . NOT the run() method directly.
  • Thread will die if run() process completed execute.
  • There are some methods that you can use to manage your application for concurrency:
    • setPriority(). Each OS has numerous number of the priority.
    • join()
    • synchronized
    • yield()
    • interrupt()
    • sleep()